9 Week Control Freak Results!

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2021
Lemme rewind ⏪ ⁣
I’m work from home from home mama of 2, and even as an online fitness and nutrition coach...I was in a funk fitness funk {thanks pandemic}. Motivation is kinda squashed when you can’t go anywhere anyway, right?⁣
When I saw this new program coming out...with the control track and all the never been done before dynamic exercises...I knew I had to try it.⁣
I was able to set up my gym in the corner of my bedrooms and complete these extremely efficient workouts while my kiddos did their homework a few feet away on my bed! The DCT stile training is my new favorite and completely broke me out of that fitness funk.⁣
These are my NINE week RESULTS! Inches melted off even with being 80\20 on my nutrition {read more + pricing details and options}
I never missed a workout⁣
I drank my daily superfood shake⁣
I used toxin free performance supplements (to escalate physical results)⁣
I ate clean and balanced meals (including carbs people)⁣
I feel like ME again.
I would recommend this program to ANYONE.⁣
CONSISTENT EFFORT is the secret.⁣
Not happy with how things are going? ⁣
Try something NEW, but don’t stop trying.⁣
🌟YOU. Focus on YOUR health and the best version of you. ⁣
Find the workouts that make you feel GOOD...that you ENJOY.⁣
Cook the meals that you LOVE...that still FUEL your body.⁣
Connect with LIKE MINDED people who are going to SUPPORT you.⁣
If you do those 3 things, you’ll naturally become more consistent because you won’t want to go back to feeling like you did before!⁣
I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!!! My online bootcamp rescues women every month from their funk and they come ALIVE again through fitness and nutrition.
Click any of the package options below to get set up!
You get an ARSENAL of programs to choose from so if Control Freak isn't your perfect starting point, we will figure out what is!
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If you purchase, make sure I am listed as your coach (coach ID 1696699).
I will be notified and will be in contact as soon as I see to help you get set up!
Control Freak Packages WITH equipment:
(Left to right: Deluxe package, Shakeology package, performance package)
Control Freak Packages WITHOUT equipment:
{off the wall style - no equipment required}
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