Uncategorized Oct 27, 2021

 I felt defeated before the day even started. I was only a few years into using my degree and my passions were already dwindling. ⁣

The hamster wheel of working to live and spending my free time stressing about work had begun.⁣

I’d have laughed in your face if you’d told me in 2010 that one day I’d be a “Wellness Influencer” with a successful online biz that I could work from home on my own time/schedule.⁣

YA OK - that doesn’t exist and if it does, it’s a scam, right? We’ll, hear me out.⁣

It’s a new life when you’re career and passions flow together in a way that GROWS you and helps you become exactly who you want to be, rather than putting yourself on the back burner to try to survive another day on the hamster wheel.⁣

I knew I needed a change in my health and fitness after I had kids. I was desperate for a simple, efficient solution that would help me regain my strength, stamina and confidence as a new mama.⁣

I wasn’t looking for a career, but I was looking for fulfillment and something that’d push me and fuel me to get out of my comfort zone. Insert Coaching.⁣

The opportunity to earn additional income for my family sounded great too, do I dove in. ⁣

1. I got results.⁣

2. I shared about my journey and tips/ideas I learned along the way. ⁣

3. Others were inspired by the changes and growth they saw in my story, so I helped them get set up with the same fitness and nutrition programming that I was using.⁣

4. Then made healthy changes and got results too. We move fwd together as a fit fam in my online bootcamp⁣

I fell in love with that process and my business blossomed.⁣

Not only do I help women finally see and feel the results they’ve been longing for…⁣
I ALSO help women turn that journey into an income producing opportunity that ignites their spark. ⁣

All training, mentorship and guidance is provided. Work full time or part time (10+ hours a week), it’s up to you. ⁣

Drop the preconceived notions open your mind to learning a little more! ⁣

Im excited to lock arms with 5 women who I’ll be working closely with to help you look and FEEL amazing while becoming a profitable Coach before Thanksgiving.⁣