Team Retreat in Tampa, Florida!

Uncategorized Nov 03, 2020

I can't even tell you how awesome our team retreat went! I wanted to share because you might be able to use these ideas for your own retreat, bachelorette weekend, bridesmaid party, girls getaway, etc!

Mine was a mix of business and pleasure so we had a loose itinerary of additional trainings and learning opportunities form surprise virtual guests during out getaway!

Check out some of my favorite photos of the weekend here.

Thursday was arrivals. A day of catching up, messing around, and creating content!

We had a guest speaker at 8PM while we enjoyed our catered dinner from So Fresh. Then we went out to the fire pit and shared goals as we roasted marshmallows and enjoyed smore's. 

Saturday we packed up the cooler backs and got ready for a surprise stay at the Opal Sands on Clearwater beach! I snagged the 12 person suite and the view was AMAZING!

We had a photoshoot on the beach, then after a quick outfit change we brought our photographer to a cute ice cream parlor and finished our session there. They turned out AMAZING!! I HIGHLY recommend Christine Wozz Photography

After that we lounged on the beach and chatted until dinner time. Reservations were at Marina Cantina which is SUCH a cute and delicious spot! Walking distance from the hotel as well as the "downtown bar" area. After dinner was over, we made our way to the escape room and had a blast solving puzzles. YEP we made it out!

Some of us stayed out later for more chatting and cocktails, others went to bed!

In the morning we all got up for a workout - half ran on the beach and the other half used the gym. Then we caravaned back to my house in Tampa for a POOL DAY complete with a PHOTO + BIZ BLITZ challenge! 

I gave them each a photo idea to go bring to live somewhere on my property and one they got the photo done, they had to complete a business activity. SO FUN!

We ordered EVER SINGLE PIZZA that Nabruzzi offered and devoured dinner. After that was an intense dance party and game night complete with some 90's favorites. 

It was such a great weekend - just spending time with women I admire. Sme I was meeting for the very first time, others we hadn't seen each other in YEARS and others we work together every day {virtually} but haven't been under the same roof since 2019!

It was such a breath of fresh air and I am SO thankful.

Check out how I set up the house here!

Of course there were lots of snacks, drinks and balloons too!

SWAG BAGS for my babes!

1. COOLER backpack so we could pack snacks and all we need to tote around on the beach!

2. Jumbo towel so everyone had one for pool/beach endeavors

3. Insulated tumbler with names and straws so we wouldn't mix up cups

4. GIRL GANG tank because it's cute

5. Masqu'd masks and keychain carriers so we could stay safe

6. Hand sanitizer in each bag

7. Super bright sunglasses for fun photos

8. Matching hats in bright colors: Superstar Squad