Uncategorized Mar 03, 2021
Have you ever been ALL IN on your goals, full steam ahead...then suddenly you're derailed, 2 weeks fly by, you undo progress you've made and you're wondering what the heck just happened? ⁣
The hype of a New Year’s resolution wears off then you throw in Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, long weekends...seriously?⁣
You’re angry with yourself and you turn food and exercise into a punishment until you get back to “feeling good again."
That only leads to misery and self sabotage because you can't feel good again if you aren't loving yourself through the journey.
There are a few steps that I take to get back on track with NO regrets, love myself along the way and get some pretty dang good results in less then 30 days.⁣
FIRST there is a little 3 Day System Tune Up that I ALWAYS have in my back pocket because it's the only cleanse I'd ever rely on to support my body during 3 days of detoxing and debloating in a healthy and gentle way! ⁣
When you’re off kilter in your nutrition, your body will be bloated and inflamed. This cleans helps to recognize the struggles you have with your eating habits, break those habits, get back on track while detoxing and debloating your system - with actual FOOD and carefully formulated plant based supplements to support the process.⁣
SECOND I go all in with a SIMPLE, healthy plan that’s a bit more structured then normal for about 3 weeks. I either like to follow carb cycling OR carb manipulation! I have options for beginner, intermediate or advanced.
Beginner is more flexible on eating with 30 min/day workouts.
Intermediate is no cheats with carb cycling and 30 min/day workouts.
Advanced is carb manipulation, no cheats and 25-45 min/day!
You can fully commit to your goals for THREE weeks and let me tell ya, the results are worth it AND so is your JOY!
THIRD I go into maintenance mode. This is simple with the full out nutrition course provided with my bootcamp sign up. You know exactly how to eat your way lean with ways to incorporate fun events, wine, eating out, dessert, etc that will not derail your progress. ⁣
Check out the Total Solution package {without the detox} here
I can put together a special bundle including the detox for a great deal this month!
⁣Email me subject: Shred with DETOX! and I'll respond back with details!