Meal Prep Made Easy!

meal prep Nov 16, 2021
Meal PREP made easy:
The key questions are…
What’s in yo fridge?
What’s in yo pantry?
And how many is these items contribute to a healthy lifestyle VS take away from it?
That’s your FIRST step. Assess the kitchen.
To meal prep, SIMPLY all you need is:
1: pick a couple meats to buy in bulk and grill, bake or sauté (chicken, steak, ground beef or turkey)
2: pick your clean, high fiber carbs to pair with your meals (Rice, potatoes, multi grain bread, corn tortillas, bean or seed chips/crackers)
3: pick your seasonal fruits and veggies to prepare! Seasonal is cheaper. Steam roast or sauté your veggies as needed and store fruits so they last the longest (google it)
4: Buy your healthy fats for the week unless you already have some! (Hummus, oils, butter, peanut butter, seeds or nuts, cheese, clean salad dressings, etc)
Now that you’ve got all this delicious, healthy stuff in your fridge and pantry you can throw meals together at the drop of a hat.
Healthy meal prep does not have to be expensive or hard ✌🏼
If the budget is tight and that is your excuse as to why you can’t eat healthy, then you need to spend a little bit more time clipping coupons and figuring out which stores around you have the best deals.
For example, you might go to a local farmers market to get your produce for cheaper.
You might buy your proteins and grains in bulk every other week from Costco or Sam’s and freeze half.
I’m here to remind you that your health is of utmost importance for you and those around you.
There is absolutely no excuse to let your health slide because of what you’re consuming each week, sista!!
And if you’re a mama, it’s even more important for those babies to see you loving yourself see your nutrition so they can mimic that behavior. <3