My Story

I’ve always struggled with health and fitness dating back to my early teen years. I was an emotional eater and a yoyo dieter through high school. I used food and fitness as a way to punish myself for all of the insecurities I had and qualities about myself I didn’t like.

I was:

  • Shy
  • Awkward
  • Introverted
  • Struggling with social anxiety and crippling insecurities.

All I wanted was to be FREE from those strongholds and life a NORMAL life like everyone else seemed to have. I felt that I never measured up to ANYONE else out there. I let that hold me back from having friends, being social, playing sports, or really trying at anything for fear of failure or rejection. So, I took control in the only way I knew how.


Having an eating disorder is a really ugly thing. I would mostly starve myself. Sometimes I would binge and purge. I spent HOURS chewing up food and spitting it out before I swallowed it. I got down to about 110 pounds. I'm 5'9 so needless to say my body was deteriorating. I stopped having periods. I was ruining my body in ways I didn't even understand at the time. I found myself crying on the floor in my room, terrified that this is what life looked like for me.

How could I ever be normal?
How would I have a job, find a husband, have children when I was such a disaster?

I wanted to stop, but I didn’t know how.


I finally agreed to see a therapist and it was during these sessions that I realized my big WHY - my reason to find inner strength and self love. My reason to be healthy, strong, and fight to be the best me. It was my children. A decade before they’d ever be born, I knew I wanted to be an amazing mother to them and I wanted to be a beam of light and positivity when it came to health/fitness/body image. No way would I set an example of using food as a weapon. I had to fix me for the sake of my children.

 With the help of my therapist and about a year on anti depressants, I was able to start eating again and get back to normal life. I put weight back on. This is when I discovered my passion for working out. I joined a gym, I did group fitness, and I lifted weights. I loved it, but I was still over complicating things. I would spend HOURS at the gym. And my eating was basically highly processed diet foods - low fat, low carb, low cal. So needless to say, I found myself NOT seeing results I wanted even though I was trying so hard.


It wasn’t until 2014 that I discovered something that WORKED. I was 6 months postpartum with my daughter, Evangeline. I found my mindset slipping back into a very negative space and I was scared I’d fall back into old food habits if I didn’t figure out a way to feel like myself again. I was lonely, lacking in fulfillment, the days were monotonous, and seeing myself with this new postpartum body in pictures was discouraging. I felt GUILTY on top of it all because how could I even complain when I had my perfect baby girl and got to be home with her all day?

One of my friends from high school sent me a message about a new 25 minute program that had just come out. Her results were awesome so I got pretty excited and decided to just go for it. I ordered T-25 and it took about 10 days for me to really start feeling and seeing changes with these short workouts and Shakeology. I was instantly obsessed. In 4 weeks, I was back to my postpartum self. In 8 weeks, I was in better shape then I was before I had my daughter. By 12 weeks, I was LEGIT in the best shape of my life! I wanted to scream it from the rooftops - everyone needs to be doing this! I became a coach very soon after I started T-25 because I was so passionate about the changes I was seeing and how SIMPLE it all was. SIMPLE. I’d been overcomplicating health/fitness my entire life and now I was finally seeing the results I’d always strived to achieve and it was SIMPLE.


Here’s where the magic happened though - I knew this was transforming my body, health, energy, vitality…but I didn’t realize how much the actual business of COACHING would free me from the negative labels and awful mindset I had about myself!

I went from lonely, disconnected, lacking in fulfillment or adventure - a new mama who was craving something MORE - TO a health/fitness entrepreneur leading a 2 time elite top 20 team. I’ve never been more connected and fulfilled with opportunity and adventure lurking around every corner. 

I said YES to this for the sake of my children. And because I said YES - I am a healthy, strong role model for my babies. I am an example of a hard worker, leader, encourager. I make a 6 figure income from home which allows our family FREEDOM. Disney vacations, no debt, college funds, private schools, investments, retirement, etc! 

I know God put this opportunity in my life for a reason and it all started with the decision to say YES and just go for it.


Basis of this business is helping others. I was lost. Someone shared what was working for them. I went all in. It worked for me. And now I pay it forward and help others the very same way. 

This business creates freedom. Freedom from your personal ties and internal issues. Financial freedom. Freedom of more choices in life. Freedom to dream big. Freedom to connect and be a part of a community.



Each month, I have big plans and a fun theme going down for my new clients and amazing women joining my team....⁣

Here are the 3 main options that'll have you feeling ridiculously amazing this spring:⁣

  • ⁣Beginner | 21 DAY Fitness (30 min) + Nutrition Challenge (flexible)⁣
  • Intermediate | 21 Day Fitness (30 min) + Carb Cycling Shred (more strict)⁣
  • Advanced | 21 Day Fitness (25-45 min) + Carb Manipulation Shred (no cheats)⁣

You get my entire library of workouts, weekly meal plans, and FUN in my online community after that 21 Days is over....for the year actually. 

Here's the thing though: before the month is over you'll feel significantly different (guaranteed) and it'll be SO FUN to reassess your goals with all the progress you've made! Just in time for Spring!