Pandemic Disney! Slaying Epcot with kids!

disney epcot Dec 07, 2020

Pandemic Disney! Slaying Epcot with kids!

We arrived at Epcot at 10AM.

The park says it opens at 11 on the app but you can get in earlier and they start letting people on rides!

TIP: We stayed at the Swan hotel and walked into Epcot at the back entrance. WAY less lines, people and waiting times to get in! We do prefer Grand Floridian, but it was booked and doesn't have this back entry luxury.

Before you get there, prioritize your rides, my friends. Our kids have zero interest in roller coasters or thrill rides so we don't bother with those! They are 5 and 6 years old.

In Epcot, Test Track and Frozen are the 2 BUSIEST. CHOOSE between Test Track or Frozen to rush to first thing. They are the most popular with the longest lines! You might be able to knock out both FIRST thing but they are on opposite sides of the you'll get in some good cardio.


We went with Test Track and it was only a 35 minute wait even though the app said 45 minutes and the line itself said 60.

Then we went on Soarin with a 25 minute wait!

After that we jumped on The Land with a 5 minute wait

Then ventured over to NEMO where we walked on even though the app said 30 minutes!

Then we hit up Spaceship earth - a classic! (The huge Epcot ball) This was less then 30 minutes.

We had reservations at the Coral Reef for lunch and even though we showed up an hour early, they seated us. The menu wasn’t kid friendly if you have picky kids (let them fill up on rolls) but the restaurant is AMAZING with a gigantic view of an aquarium! I had the mahi and cold brew XO with light on the cream - so good!

By lunch time we'd been on 5 rides! Pretty GOOD! We took a shopping break and ventured around the world while the kids rested in the stroller. I definitely recommend going back into the countries and visiting their shops if it's not too busy!

We took a break and did the Figment ride, less then 20 minute wait, and the kids LOVE this one. Boom half a dozen rides. 

Then then mommy and daddy had some small plates and cocktails and we walked back to the hotel by 8PM!

We also visited Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. I would give the same advice to get in early and knock out your top rides! Hollywood Studios was booked so we weren't able to get in this time. I do hear that's the busiest of the parks.


"What are the wait times? Do you feel the kiddos still enjoyed it?"

The wait times were definitely slashed. Toward the late morning/afternoon were the busiest times. The lines look INSANELY long, but that's because they spread people out 6 feet and instead of lines zigzagging, they stretched them to be longer and more distanced. My kids still loved it! 

"I heard no performances, fireworks, characters, etc. No "magic""

There are parades and caravans with characters and princesses, but no performances or autographs or fireworks. It definitely puts a dent in the magic! 

"Did you actually feel safe around all those other people?"

I felt safe for sure. They are VERY strict with masks on, covering the nose. Hand sanitizer and hand washing stations are all over the place. They did a good job at socially distanced lines and monitoring the number of people inside an enclosed area at one time. You are socially distanced on the rides as well.

"What was the dining situation like?"

You have to have reservations in advance if you want to eat at a restaurant. They keep families socially distanced. For dinner, we ate out twice and did Uber Eats at the hotel the rest of the time. 

"Are their any mask break areas?"

You can take your mask off as long as you are socially distanced and stationary while eating or drinking. Then you have to put it back on.

While it is a different experience then normal, I plan on going again with my husband before our annual passes expire! I think it's a GREAT time for adults to go play.