We are officially a Superstar TEAM!!! Top rank in the company!

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2020
Have you ever felt like you have so much to say and do, but you just squash everything and constantly settle for less then what you really want to do?⁣
I’ve learned that the biggest regrets come from the chances that we didn’t take.⁣
I was watching these women on social media getting amazing results from fitness + nutrition programs, going on retreats together, and building something awesome as a team. I freaking WANTED THAT.⁣
I figured if I could even be a fraction as successful on my trek to lose the baby weight, then I’d be totally cool with that. 
I remember logging into my office the very first time back in 2014. I was sitting on my couch in Albuquerque, NM completely clueless! I thought to myself: one day this online office is going to have so many names! I don’t know how…but I let myself believe it.⁣
An introvert with social anxiety
Awful self esteem⁣
A pp body I didn’t understand⁣
No marketing or business background⁣
Someone who only ever did food & fitness the wrong way…⁣
I had this odd pull to really take this seriously and make something of it.⁣
I started putting myself out there and making these amazing new friendships.
I found other women who had the same pull for this that I did and we work hard together, support one another, and make amazing things happen…even when it’s not pretty.
I can’t imagine what life would be like without these women I’ve come to cherish in so many ways…and we get to work together building our dreams every day.⁣
Here we are 75 months later! I am officially LEADING A SUPERSTAR TEAM, which is the TOP RANK in the company. ⁣
I could not be more PROUD.⁣ WOW. 
It’s passion, work, strength and GRIT! And that’s what we do, together.⁣
To say I’m excited about our team retreat happening this month is an UNDERSTATEMENT!! It’s going to be nothing short of epic, you guys. ⁣
What are you holding yourself back from because of silly insecurities or lies are letting yourself believe versus what your potential truly is?⁣
If you want something, let yourself believe you can get there and then freaking GO FOR IT. Work hard! It’s worth it, especially when you love what you’re doing!⁣
Have you ever thought about joining MY TEAM AS A COACH?!
Girl, there is so much to gain....more then you could even allow yourself to imagine.